destination senior session

Destination Senior Session to Charleston

My senior model, Taylor, came to be with her dream to have a destination senior session in Charleston, SC. We made it happen. We spent a day traveling around capturing amazing photos around the incredibly lovely Charleston. We visited the College of Charleston, which will immediately transport you back to the old Southern lifestyle. The campus is filled with large oak trees overflowing with Spanish moss. It was breathtaking!

Charleston is a city that will surround you with history and Rainbow Row is no exception. If you have never been to Rainbow Row, it’s a row of beautiful, colorful houses that line Bay Street. These houses were built pre-Revolutionary War. These houses were a beautiful backdrop to Taylor’s amazing wardrobe.

We went from Rainbow Row to the stunning harbor of Charleston. It was such a beautiful, sunny day. Perfect for the people of Charleston to be out in their yachts and sailboats.

After a relaxing dinner, we visited Sullivan’s Island. The beaches were lovely; lined with stunning houses, rocky coastline, sandy beaches and calm waters. It was the perfect setting for her sunset beach pictures.

Just after sunset we went back to the harbor for her glam look. It could only get more perfect if the Ravenel Bridge had all of it’s lights on. Take a look at the slideshow to get a teaser of Taylor’s amazing session.

Rachel made my dreams come true in this photoshoot. She is amazing at capturing every moment and has so many unique ideas! I’m so glad we did this shoot! – Taylor A.

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